Kishan K C

I am a PhD student in Computing and Information Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am working as Graduate Research Assistant under supervision of Professor Anne Haake . My research interests is to discover knowledge from heterogenous data. I am currently working on integrating heterogenous data sources to understand gene regulation.

In November 2014, I graduated with Distinction of Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University, Nepal.

Research interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science


Rochester Institute of Technology

PhD in Computing and Information Sciences Rochester, NY August 2016 - Present

Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University

Bachelors in Computer Engineering Lalitpur, NPL January 2011 - October 2014


Rochester Institute of Technology

Research Assistant Rochester, NY August 2016 - Present

Project: Novel Methodology for Leveraging Metabolic Simulation to Improve Regulatory Reconstruction

VeriskInformation Technologies

Data Engineer Kathmandu, NPL May 2015 - July 2016

  • Worked on the Medical Intelligence R&D team to develop and maintain core clinical modules of verisk health product using PL/SQL
  • Involved in data analytics and problem solving
  • Involved in analyzing and evaluating possible solutions to solve stated problem and suggest better implementation to the team
  • Awarded as Rookie of the Year 2015 for research intent and hard work
  • Awarded Verisk Way to Go Award for outstanding contribution, and exceptional effort that reflects Verisk Way: Serve, Add value and Innovate

Yomari Inc. Pvt. Ltd.

ETL Developer Lalitpur, NPL October 2014 - April 2015

  • Worked on project Express Enterprise Data Warehouse to provide data warehouse and support business reporting on data warehouse
  • Involved in understanding the retail market and use of oracle products for retail analytics
  • Worked on development of ETL scripts to extract data from Oracle database and load data to Teradata warehouse using shell scripts and SQL
  • Involved in enhancing the performance of framework designed earlier for Enterprise Data Warehouse

E&T Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Research Intern Bhaktapur, NPL March 2013 - December 2013

  • Worked as Research Intern on 3D CAD Viewer with HTML5 over SSL to develop web application to visualize 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) results
  • Worked on development of collaboration platform to have real time sharing of 3D CAD models and CFD results
  • Worked to combine visualiztion with proper backend functionality like management of users and files along with secure sharing

Academic Projects

A shiny application that classify the possible outcome of a soccer match as home team wins, draw or home team loses [link]

Agricultural Data Integration and Analysis
Major Qualifying project to predict the amount of crop yield based on different environmental factors like temperature, rainfall [link]

3D CAD Viewer with HTML5
A real world particle and container simulator in HTML5 plus collaborate by sharing via web application

Customer Management and Behavior Analysis Application
A web application to store and analyze data about customers and visualize trends of customer visits and preferences of foods.

Online Book Reservation System
A web application to assist students with details about books, their availability and reservation

Knowledge Graph
A quick implementation of basic concept of knowledge graph used by Google to identify relation between two keywords based on the information from number of text files as source.[link]

Non - Academic Projects

Water Jug Puzzle solver
A quick implementation of Water Jug Puzzle Solver for different number of water jugs [link]

Floyd–Warshall algorithm
A parallel implementation of Floyd–Warshall algorithm to solve All pairs shortest path problem using OpenMP [link]

Next Word Predictor
A predictive text model to predict the likelihood of next word to appear in a sentence based on n-gram model using Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Jelinek-Mercer smoothing[link]

Tourist Visit to Nepal
A shiny application to visualize tourism data [link]

Document Clustering using TF-IDF and Nearest Neighbors
Importance of each word in wikipidea pages is used to cluster similar pages together

Predicting sentiment from product reviews
A classifier that uses frequency of words in reviews of amazon product to classify the user sentiment for that product.

House Price Predictor using Linear Regression
A regression model with regularizer to predict house prices using forward feature selection