Kishan K C

I am a PhD student in Computing and Information Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am working as Graduate Research Assistant under supervision of Professor Anne Haake . My research interests is to discover knowledge from heterogenous data. I am currently working on integrating heterogenous data sources to understand gene regulation.

In November 2014, I graduated with Distinction of Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University, Nepal.

Research interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science


August 2016
Joined Rochester Institute of Technology as PhD Student in Computing and Information Science
May 2017
Passed Research Potential Assessment
February 2018
Presented poster "Gene Network Embedding" in New Deep Learning Techniques Workshop at IPAM, UCLA
February 2018
Attended New Deep Learning Techniques Workshop at IPAM, UCLA


Rochester Institute of Technology

PhD in Computing and Information Sciences Rochester, NY August 2016 - Present

Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University

Bachelors in Computer Engineering Lalitpur, NPL January 2011 - October 2014


Rochester Institute of Technology

Research Assistant Rochester, NY August 2016 - Present

Project: Novel Methodology for Leveraging Metabolic Simulation to Improve Regulatory Reconstruction

VeriskInformation Technologies

Data Engineer Kathmandu, NPL May 2015 - July 2016

  • Worked on the Medical Intelligence R&D team to develop and maintain core clinical modules of verisk health product using PL/SQL
  • Involved in data analytics and problem solving
  • Involved in analyzing and evaluating possible solutions to solve stated problem and suggest better implementation to the team
  • Awarded as Rookie of the Year 2015 for research intent and hard work
  • Awarded Verisk Way to Go Award for outstanding contribution, and exceptional effort that reflects Verisk Way: Serve, Add value and Innovate

Yomari Inc. Pvt. Ltd.

ETL Developer Lalitpur, NPL October 2014 - April 2015

  • Worked on project Express Enterprise Data Warehouse to provide data warehouse and support business reporting on data warehouse
  • Involved in understanding the retail market and use of oracle products for retail analytics
  • Worked on development of ETL scripts to extract data from Oracle database and load data to Teradata warehouse using shell scripts and SQL
  • Involved in enhancing the performance of framework designed earlier for Enterprise Data Warehouse

E&T Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Research Intern Bhaktapur, NPL March 2013 - December 2013

  • Worked as Research Intern on 3D CAD Viewer with HTML5 over SSL to develop web application to visualize 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) results
  • Worked on development of collaboration platform to have real time sharing of 3D CAD models and CFD results
  • Worked to combine visualiztion with proper backend functionality like management of users and files along with secure sharing

Academic Projects

A shiny application that classify the possible outcome of a soccer match as home team wins, draw or home team loses [link]

Agricultural Data Integration and Analysis
Major Qualifying project to predict the amount of crop yield based on different environmental factors like temperature, rainfall [link]

3D CAD Viewer with HTML5
A real world particle and container simulator in HTML5 plus collaborate by sharing via web application

Customer Management and Behavior Analysis Application
A web application to store and analyze data about customers and visualize trends of customer visits and preferences of foods.

Online Book Reservation System
A web application to assist students with details about books, their availability and reservation

Knowledge Graph
A quick implementation of basic concept of knowledge graph used by Google to identify relation between two keywords based on the information from number of text files as source.[link]

Non - Academic Projects

Water Jug Puzzle solver
A quick implementation of Water Jug Puzzle Solver for different number of water jugs [link]

Floyd–Warshall algorithm
A parallel implementation of Floyd–Warshall algorithm to solve All pairs shortest path problem using OpenMP [link]

Next Word Predictor
A predictive text model to predict the likelihood of next word to appear in a sentence based on n-gram model using Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Jelinek-Mercer smoothing[link]

Tourist Visit to Nepal
A shiny application to visualize tourism data [link]

Document Clustering using TF-IDF and Nearest Neighbors
Importance of each word in wikipidea pages is used to cluster similar pages together

Predicting sentiment from product reviews
A classifier that uses frequency of words in reviews of amazon product to classify the user sentiment for that product.

House Price Predictor using Linear Regression
A regression model with regularizer to predict house prices using forward feature selection